National Grid refrigerator rebate

With the increasing cost for energy nowadays, consumers welcome the opportunity to save some money from initiatives such as the National Grid refrigerator rebate program. National Grid is one of the largest gas and electricity companies in the world. Read on to find out how you can benefit from rebate savings.

The freezers and refrigerators that were made before 1990 will use up to three times the electricity that the new appliances would use. This could cost a regular household to spend as much as $150 extra each year. As of such, National Grid has introduced a rebate program that will help consumers to spend less on energy costs.

How you can save with National Grid refrigerator rebate
Through the National Grid freezer/recycling program, you can recycle and turn in your old appliances to get an incentive of $50. Currently, this program is giving customers in Central New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts a chance to save some money. You can benefit from as much as $150 each year if you take advantage of the opportunity that this program is offering with free pickup of your older appliances that is wasting energy, plus you will get to reduce your electricity usage in the long run.

Basically, you will be getting paid just for recycling your old refrigerator. In addition to the $150 that you could save on energy cost each year and the free recycling, you can also benefit from a $30 rebate.

To date, over 10,000 freezers and refrigerators have been collected and recycled safely under this program. Based on the reports, these are the amount of units which have been recycled from June 2009, and about $12 million citizens in Rhode Island and Massachusetts have benefited from energy cost savings.

The National Grid Refrigerator program is certainly not like the traditional programs, so you are not required to buy a brand-new appliance. In order to get the $50 incentive in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, you are only required to schedule a time for them to pick up your old freezer or refrigerator that is still working. The refrigerator or freezer would then go through a recycling process that will return 95% of their materials to a manufacturing plant. This recycling program will also remove toxic components like CFCs and mercury from inside the refrigerators safely, as these substances could contribute to global warming and destroy the ozone layer.

When you decide to participate in the National Grid Refrigerator rebate program, you can get the $50 incentive in just 4 to 6 weeks after your appliance is collected. Note that this program has a limit of two appliance removals with a size of 10 cubic feet and higher from each household and these units must be in working condition. The sign up form for the rebate program can be found here.