SCE refrigerator rebate

Like many utilities, Southern California Edison or SCE, has multiple rebate programs for those looking to buy new appliances. The SCE refrigerator rebate programs are some of the most popular programs. In truth, SCE is trying to give their customers money save on their electric bills. According to the Department of Energy, an old refrigerator can cost you an extra of $184 a year. That cash goes directly to the drain. As the appliance gets older, it starts to consume more electric power just to run. Besides, old models don’t have ‘power saving’ features which have made new models much more efficient. SCE has two rebates for people looking for a new refrigerator and are SCE customers. Applying for both rebates is a great way to save $100. In addition, since SCE will haul away the old fridge so you do not have to pay the delivery company for the service. Stores that offer free removal can sometimes be persuaded to discount their price a little if you do not use the option.

Southern California Edison: ‘Recycling your fridge can save you $180 a year!’
If you’re thinking of replacing your old fridge, then this is the best time to buy a new one. SCE will play you money in exchange of your old fridge. So instead of dumping a used up freezer of refrigerator in your house basement or in the garage, you can hand it over to SCE and you will be given of $50 per unit. This can save many customers over a hundred dollars a year in electricity costs. The refrigerator must be in SCE’s service address and must be in working conditions. They also can’t be small dorm refrigerators or large industrial models. The company will even pick up and dispose of the fridge for you. Just go here for instructions on how to schedule a pick up.

Get a $50 rebate when you buy a new Refrigerator
SCE will also give rebates to consumers that buy new ENERGY star compliant refrigerators. The fridge must be a new model that is your home’s primary fridge. Refrigerators that qualify for this rebate can be found on this list. This program is open for all SCE customers until December 31, 2012 or until the fund runs out. It’s a first come first served basis so you should check with SCE before applying for the program. The application can be downloaded here. It should be noted that some refrigerators already come with an instant rebate which will disqualify them from this program. The instant rebate is shown on the fridge receipt.